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Wooper195 Quagsire196.
Kanto: Bulbasaur002 Ivysaur003 Venusaur004 Charmander005 Charmeleon006 Charizard007 Squirtle008 Wartortle009 Blastoise010 Caterpie011 Metapod012 Butterfree013 Weedle014 Kakuna015 Beedrill016 Pidgey017 Pidgeotto018 Pidgeot019 Rattata020 Raticate021 Spearow022 Fearow023 Ekans024 Arbok025 Pikachu026 Raichu027 Sandshrew028 Sandslash029 Nidoran-F030 Nidorina031 Nidoqueen032 Nidoran-M033 Nidorino034 Nidoking035 Clefairy036 Clefable037 Vulpix038 Ninetales039 Jigglypuff040 Wigglytuff041 Zubat042 Golbat043 Oddish044 Gloom045.
Mime061 Ekans062 Arbok063 Dunsparce064 Growlithe065 Arcanine066 Drowzee067 Hypno068 Makuhita069 Hariyama070 Smeargle071 Crabrawler072 Crabominable073 Gastly074 Haunter075 Gengar076 Drifloon077 Drifblim078 Murkrow079 Honchkrow080 Zubat081 Golbat082 Crobat083 Noibat084 Noivern085 Diglett086 Dugtrio087 Spearow088 Fearow089 Rufflet090 Braviary091 Vullaby092 Mandibuzz093 Mankey094 Primeape095 Delibird096 Hawlucha097 Oricorio098 Cutiefly099 Ribombee0100 Flabébé101 Floette102 Florges103 Petilil104 Lilligant105.
Alola: Rowlet723 Dartrix724 Decidueye725 Litten726 Torracat727 Incineroar728 Popplio729 Brionne730 Primarina731 Pikipek732 Trumbeak733 Toucannon734 Yungoos735 Gumshoos736 Grubbin737 Charjabug738 Vikavolt739 Crabrawler740 Crabominable741 Oricorio742 Cutiefly743 Ribombee744 Rockruff745 Lycanroc746 Wishiwashi747 Mareanie748 Toxapex749 Mudbray750 Mudsdale751 Dewpider752 Araquanid753 Fomantis754 Lurantis755 Morelull756 Shiinotic757 Salandit758 Salazzle759 Stufful760 Bewear761 Bounsweet762 Steenee763 Tsareena764 Comfey765 Oranguru766.Pokédex: A - pokédex: H - Pokédex: S - BuluTapu FiniTapu KokoTapu Alola Pokédex001 Rowlet002 Dartrix003 Decidueye004 Litten005 Torracat006 Incineroar007 Popplio008 Brionne009 Primarina0010 Pikipek011 Trumbeak012 Toucannon013 Yungoos014 Gumshoos015 Rattata016 Raticate017 Caterpie018 Metapod019 Butterfree020 Ledyba021 Ledian022 Spinarak023 too faced makeup gift set Ariados024 Buneary025 Lopunny026 Inkay027 Malamar028 Zorua029 Zoroark030 Furfrou031 Pichu032.Kalos: Chespin651 Quilladin652 Chesnaught653 Fennekin654 Braixen655 Delphox656 Froakie657 Frogadier658 Greninja659 Bunnelby660 Diggersby661 Fletchling662 Fletchinder663 Talonflame664 Scatterbug665 Spewpa666 Vivillon667 Litleo668 Pyroar669 Flabébé670 Floette671 Florges672 Skiddo673 Gogoat674 Pancham675 Pangoro676 Furfrou677 Espurr678 Meowstic679 Honedge680 Doublade681 Aegislash682 Spritzee683 Aromatisse684 Swirlix685 Slurpuff686 Inkay687 Malamar688 Binacle689 Barbaracle690 Skrelp691 Dragalge692 Clauncher693 Clawitzer694.Mime123 Scyther124 Jynx125 Electabuzz126 Magmar127 Pinsir128 Tauros129 Magikarp130 Gyarados131 Lapras132 Ditto133 Eevee134 Vaporeon135 Jolteon136 Flareon137 Porygon138 Omanyte139 Omastar140 Kabuto141 Kabutops142 Aerodactyl143 Snorlax144 Articuno145 Zapdos146 Moltres147 Dratini148 Dragonair149 Dragonite150 Mewtwo151 Mew.Hoenn: Treecko253 Grovyle254 Sceptile255 Torchic256 Combusken257 Blaziken258 Mudkip259 Marshtomp260 Swampert261 Poochyena262 Mightyena263 Zigzagoon264 Linoone265 Wurmple266 Silcoon267 Beautifly268 Cascoon269 Dustox270 Lotad271 Lombre272 Ludicolo273 Seedot274 Nuzleaf275 Shiftry276 Taillow277 Swellow278 Wingull279 Pelipper280 Ralts281 Kirlia282 Gardevoir283 Surskit284 Masquerain285 Shroomish286 Breloom287 Slakoth288 Vigoroth289 Slaking290 Nincada291 Ninjask292 Shedinja293 Whismur294 Loudred295 Exploud296.Unova: Victini495 Snivy496 Servine497 Serperior498 Tepig499 Pignite500 Emboar501 Oshawott502 Dewott503 Samurott504 Patrat505 Watchog506 Lillipup507 Herdier508 Stoutland509 Purrloin510 Liepard511 Pansage512 Simisage513 Pansear514 Simisear515 Panpour516 Simipour517 Munna518 Musharna519 Pidove520 Tranquill521 Unfezant522 Blitzle523 Zebstrika524 Roggenrola525 Boldore526 Gigalith527 Woobat528 Swoobat529 Drilbur530 Excadrill531 Audino532 Timburr533 Gurdurr534 Conkeldurr535 Tympole536 Palpitoad537 Seismitoad538.Sinnoh: Turtwig388 Grotle389 Torterra390 Chimchar391 Monferno392 Infernape393 Piplup394 Prinplup395 Empoleon396 Starly397 Staravia398 Staraptor399 Bidoof400 Bibarel401 Kricketot402 Kricketune403 Shinx404 Luxio405 Luxray406 Budew407 Roserade408 Cranidos409 Rampardos410 Shieldon411 Bastiodon412 Burmy413 Wormadam414 Mothim415 Combee416 Vespiquen417 Pachirisu418 Buizel419 Floatzel420 Cherubi421 Cherrim422 Shellos423 Gastrodon424 Ambipom425 Drifloon426 Drifblim427 Buneary428 Lopunny429 Mismagius430 Honchkrow431.Details; Natural, gift : The user draws power to attack by using its held Berry.The Berry determines the move s type and power.

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# 19, 05:39 PM Banned Join Date: Jan 2003 Location: West of Chicago, Ill.
Flavor Text: Sun: It grows by molting repeatedly.
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