Fox vs dog who would win

fox vs dog who would win

In the past different breeds of dog have been used to hunt and kill wolves, but usually the dogs worked in pairs or as a pack, or they were trained to simply trap or corner the wolf until the human hunters could kill.
In some ways this would be like pitting a modern city dwelling man against a Neanderthal man in hand to hand combat - a civilized domesticated creature vs a wild, rugged being - a very unfair fight.
Caucasian Ovcharkas can be combative ferocious.
M/annekasvenskaofficial instagram: @GreenWorldTV @annekasvenskaofficial, website:.Kasger - Reflections NCS Release / Tags.An attack trained German Shepherd's bite force was measured at about 230 pounds per sqare inch (this was on a program called "Bite force' on the National Geographic Channel not long ago while a wolf's jaws have been estimated having jaw strength anywhere from 500.A German Shepherd wouldn't have much luck against said large healthy wolf.The Caucasian Ovcharka is a large, powerful dog with a broad (but short) muzzle.Twitter: Instagram: @GreenWorldTV @annekasvenskaofficial, website: m, anneka's website:.An African lion can weigh 3 to 3 1/2 times as much as a large Caucasian Ovcharka and measure up to 60 taller at the shoulder.This thick-furred canine is used as a livestock guardian and has been used in Russian prisons.To subscribe to both Anneka's GreenWorldTV channels click here: (Animal Watch) m/c/annekasvenska bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave and (GreenWorldTV News) m/c/greenworldtvwildlife, twitter: m/gwtvanimalnews m/annekasvenska?Huge fighting dogs such as the Tosa, the Presa Canario, and other related breeds would have the best chance of taking down a wolf in a fight, as well as some of the mastiff breeds used for gaurding.(granted, modern humans and Neanderthals are not the same species but are very closely related).There aren't too many domestic dogs that could go one one one with a wild wolf - especially a healthy male north american or eurasian wolf.

Also, German Shepherds are not bred for fighting, but rather flock gaurding (and recently as police and service dogs).
Who is more powerful - find out the truth.
To subscribe to both Anneka's GreenWorldTV channels click here: and.The reasons are varied - wolves always have much larger teeth than domestic dogs of equal or even greater size, and their jaws (with few exceptions) are much more powerful.Download videos: hd720 medium, a lion can easily kill a single Ovcharka, but having 7 of them attacking at once will seriously challenge the lion's focus.Schrecken 1 decade ago 11, thumbs up 0, thumbs down, comment.A fox, any fox, is a pretty small animal; even a Red Fox, which is the largest fox species, will almost never hit 20 pounds live weight; a bit bigger than a very large cat, minus the claws.Foxes would win if the dog was alone or the dog wasnt selectively bred.See more 'Who Would Win?' images on Know Your Meme!Firefly vs Fox.


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