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Denomination The face amount, or par value, of a bond or note that the issuer promises to pay on the maturity date.
This creates reinvestment risk, meaning the investor is forced to find a new place for their money, and the investor might not be able to find as good a deal, especially because this usually happens when interest rates are falling.
The doctrine holds that the states are immune from taxation by the federal government and vice versa.As the underlying loans are paid off by the borrowers, the investors in ABS receive payments of interest and principal over time.Trigger The market interest rate at which the terms of a security might change.Series I savings bonds pay interest according to an earning rate that is partly a fixed rate of return and partly adjusted for inflation.Agency bond A bond issued by two types of entities1) Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs usually federally-chartered but privately-owned corporations; and 2) Federal Government agencies which may issue or guarantee these bondsto finance activities related to public purposes, such as increasing home ownership or providing agricultural.For example, a CoCo bond, also referred to as contingent capital bonds, would mandatorily convert into the company's common shares when one or more triggers occur, such as capital levels falling below a pre-specified level.Amortization Liquidation of a debt through installment payments.In the context of bonds or other investments, illiquid refers to a bond or other investment that cannot be converted into cash quickly or near prevailing market prices.Retrieved February 6, 2013.Also called good-faith check, if delivered as a check, or good-faith deposit.

Par Price equal to the face amount of a security; 100.
Government securities but increasingly involving other types of securities and financial assets as well, whereby the seller "sells" the securities to the buyer, with a simultaneous agreement to repurchase the securities at an agreed upon price at a future point in time.
Rate reset The adjustment of the interest rate on a floating-rate security according to a prescribed formula.These estimates of the value of the call option depend on complex calculations that should be requested from a municipal advisor.Certificates of deposit (CDs) or short-term commercial paper are considered by whom?Redemption cincinnati overstock warehouse promo code The paying off or buying back of a bond by the issuer; also, repurchase of investment trust units by the trustee, at the bid price.Discounting The opposite of compounding, discounting allows an investor to multiply an amount by a discount rate to compute the present or discounted value of an investment.The terms may be changed only with great difficulty while the bonds are outstanding, with amendments to the governing document generally requiring approval by a majority (or super-majority ) vote of the bondholders.In recessions, high-yield bonds typically lose more principal value than investment-grade bonds.6 Historically an alternative practice of issuance was for the borrowing government authority to issue bonds over a period of time, usually at a fixed price, with volumes sold on a particular day dependent on market conditions.The CDS contract protects the buyer against the loss of principal in an underlying asset if a credit event occurs.


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