300 weatherby vs 300 win mag

Regardless, if I had to pick just one of these for all-round hunting, it would be the 7mm Rem.
The.300 Winchester Magnum would become the most popular of all. .
Ballistic software generates performance numbers for easy comparisons.
Size matters, so lets stick to the two older magnums.The.300 RUM is a more realistic choice than the.30-378 in a standard weight sporter rifle if a hunter needs this much power.It has the lowest recoil good good gifts kitchen in this class, is pinpoint accurate, and has more than enough punch for any rational hunting situation.And MV, not just weight.While there are now more powerful.30 caliber magnums, the time-tested.300 Weatherby will likely outlast them.Weight is only a part.C.Yet, ask anyone who owns one and youll bob's discount furniture columbia md get a big, knowing smile from them.If you are planning to shoot factory ammunition only, check back here for Part Two of this cartridge comparison blog.They have the powder capacity to launch them at impressive velocities and thus use those bullets high BC and SD advantages.

The.30 caliber magnums are popular and for good reason, but bullet selection is vital to realize their full potential.
Both fit 30-06 length actions.
The cartridge for all seasons.
If you think 150 f-p impact energy will spell the difference between venison on bellco rewards card the pole and a lost cripple, you might be interested in a bridge Im selling in Manhattan.
Astute readers will notice a few things from these numbers: Contrary to popular belief, the heavier bullet does not drift less in the wind.Both are chambered in just about every hunting rifle made, including wonderfully affordable models like.Both cartridges fit through standard length actions, both maximize performance in 26-inch barrels but do fine in more convenient 24-inch tubes.Well pretend both rifles weigh 8-pounds as shot.The 7mm (.284-inch) bullet drops less at all ranges even though the.308-inch bullet has a more efficient, minimum drag.C.All were based on the.375 H H case, shortened to (more or less).30-06 length and necked to caliber. .While 180 grain projectiles are by far the most popular, grain bullets are ideal for large animals such as elk, moose, and the big bearsif one can tolerate the recoil.Our current fad for long range shooting makes these studies in ballistics fascinating, but at normal hunting distances, neither cartridge has an appreciable advantage over the other.The heavier, larger caliber bullet delivers more energy at all ranges despite starting with a slower.Each cartridge is today the most popular magnum in its caliber, raising the question: Which is the best all round hunting cartridge?

Warning: In factory loaded ammunition, youll be hard pressed to find 300 WM ammo with bullets heavier than 180 grains.
Most brands offer 170 to 175-grain options in 7mm.
This means more recoil.


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