300 norma mag vs 300 win mag ballistics

300 norma mag vs 300 win mag ballistics

Of.600 inches the same as the.375 H H Magnum.
I primarily use it at the range or at competitions to plink steel targets far away, and at those places I usually only have to carry it a couple hundred yards from the truck.
If you use this in matches like the Wyoming Extended Long Range PRS Match that can be a drawback, because stages require you to take 8 or 9 shots each which means it requires a mag change while youre on the clock.
The rifle started life as a custom Surgeon Remedy.338 Lapua Rifle that I bought from.By integrating a massive.450 recoil lug into the action, Surgeon created a longer 1-1/8 x 16 tenon thread and strengthened the entire free-floated system.It is a really sweet setup, and honestly very similar to what Id have specified if Id have built the rifle from scratch.When you start stretching out to extreme ranges, ammo consistency becomes critical.Technical data and information contained herein are intended to provide information based upon the limited experience of individuals under specific conditions and circumstances.I'm looking at a howa or remington 783.Since that time Ive become friends with one of the guys who contributed to the early development of the 300 Norma. This cartridge is not to be confused with the 308 Norma Mag.On big magnums, after a while the concussion can be more punishing than the recoil especially if youre beside one and not behind.

Im working with the team from Applied Ballistics on an upcoming post that will focus on the super-high performance rifle builds and gear those guys are using this year.
A good 180-grain hunting bullet can easily reach 3,250 fps, putting the.300 Norma in between the.300 Weatherby/30 Nosler and.300 Remington Ultra Magnum/.30-378 Weatherby on the velocity scale.
One group shot at 500 meters measured.45 inches.
I have just.7 mils under my 100 yard zero, which means Im very close to the absolute bottom of the travel for my elevation adjustment.Archived (PDF) from the original on Retrieved External links edit, retrieved from " ".Thats why I upgraded the scope and mount since that time to this improved setup.Wyoming can get pretty windy, but June temperatures are ideal.Scope how to redeem gift card on google play Mount For the scope, I went with the Nightforce atacr 7-3556 F1 with Horus Tremor3 reticle.For my 300 Norma load, that would take me out to 3000 yards!One of the cool things about the adjustable ERA-TAC mount is that is fairly quick to do, and I dont need to buy another mount to customize it for my application.For a hunting scenario and I feel the.300 Norma Magnum could make a great elk, moose and bear rifle bullets like the 180-grain Swift Scirocco II, the 220-grain ELD-X and the Nosler AccuBond Long Range at 190 and 210 grains will all provide excellent terminal.

Ive used Norma 200 to fuel several safaris, as it makes a wonderful choice in the.375 H H Magnum and will deliver serious accuracy with the 235- and 250-grain bullets.


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